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Which Online Backup Solution is Right For Your Business?

A reliable backup solution should form part of any business continuity plan to ensure that you minimise significant risk and can respond and maintain your business operations in the event of data loss or disaster.

With the increasing threat of cyber attacks to businesses coupled with other risks including IT systems failure, natural disasters or even human error, the potential threat of data loss and business downtime are apparent and can affect your business in various ways, from damaging your reputation to significant financial loss.

A business continuity plan should form an important part of your IT strategy, which amongst other essential IT services, should include a reliable backup solution and data recovery strategy.

What’s a backup?

It’s a copy or archive of your business files and folders which can be restored in the event of data loss. So, if your business is affected by something unforeseen, such as IT failure, file corruption, or a natural disaster such as storm or flood, or even a simple human error resulting in accidental deletion, you can quickly restore a previous version of those files and continue working from the point of your last successful backup.

Which online backup options are available to my business?

All backup technology has come on leaps and bounds since the days of physical tape backups, which meant IT technicians had to programme or manually copy business critical data to a tape cassette on a regular basis. This backup option still remains suitable for some businesses, however there are many technical challenges to this method, including security concerns and yes, you guessed it, good old human error. The potential need to wait longer than necessary to restore data as a result of outdated technology can have a significant impact the productivity of fast-moving businesses.

With the continually growing use of cloud computing, more business-critical data is being stored in the cloud than ever, so it is essential to ensure that your cloud based IT applications and data are secured.

Backing Up To The Cloud

Moving to a cloud based solution from an on premise backup solution is a simple alternative in the move towards online backup.

With the installation of an agent on your business server and/or pc’s, regular data backups can be taken from your IT systems and stored locally or within a secure datacentre, or copied to multiple data centres for extra protection.

In order to ensure the safety of your data, it should be scanned for potential viruses and encrypted up until the time that you may need to restore it.

Microsoft 365 and Back Up

More recently, the shift to remote working has resulted in the fast adoption of cloud-based IT services including Microsoft cloud computing services, wand their 365 offering. Although data retention and backup services are provided to users as part of these subscriptions, there are notable limitations - For example, deleted data that isn’t restored before the expiry of set retention periods will be deleted and is no longer accessible by your business.

It is always recommended that users of Microsoft 365 enhance their backup protection with online backup options that integrate with Microsoft 365 to provide unlimited storage and protection across the full Microsoft 365 suite.

Selection of your complete backup and disaster recovery solution

Many businesses have separate back up and disaster recovery solutions, however a recommended alternative is to use a complete backup and disaster recovery solution (BCDR) rather than manage different technologies.

A fully managed BCDR solution provides comprehensive data backup and data recovery, managed in one platform, enabling secure backup and quick retrieval of business-critical data in the event of data loss or disaster, using the most advanced technologies.

When choosing an online backup solution that’s right for your business, it’s important to evaluate the security of your business data and the process you have in place to ensure that your data is free from viruses before entering your backup system. Patented technology exists to ensure your business data is clean prior to backup and different encryption methods and restore request processes are available to protect your information further.

Furthermore, it’s essential that you understand the process and time needed to restore your data and the support available from your IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) should you need to start this process.

How Can Alltek Solutions Help?

Working with an industry leading technology partner will ensure you get expert advice on all areas of data backup. Alltek are partnered with several cloud providers and we also offer Microsoft cloud services along with a range of reliable, secure online backup services that integrate with Microsoft Alltek today to understand the best online backup options for your business.

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